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Having the right Pediatric Table can keep your adorable patients safe, secure, and comfortable throughout their treatment. Tiger Medical provides pediatric tables from top medical furniture manufacturers including Clinton Industries, Hausmann, and UMF Medical. One of our best-selling lines of pediatric tables is the Clinton Kids, a series of tables with colorful graphics that help create a comfortable, kid-friendly environment for children of all ages. The same goes for our Hausmann Fun Pediatric Tables.

If your practice cares for infants and toddlers, you will need a good pediatric exam table. These are key features to look for when choosing a pediatric scale table:

Built-In Scale: In pediatric care, tracking the weight of your little patients is vital.  Using a pediatric exam table with a built-in scale makes this part of the job easy. Tables with a scale add to the expense, but the convenience may be worth the extra money.  At Tiger Medical, we have many affordable pediatric tables with built-in scales from which you can choose.

Height Measurement: Most of our tables include an easy way for you to measure your little patients’ height right on the table. Included measuring scale with folding ends makes it simple to track patient height.

Included Storage: In exam rooms with limited space, choosing an exam table with cabinets may be a great choice.  We also have many that have locks to help safely store items close at hand. There are tables with drawers and tables with cabinets and drawers.  Whatever your storage need, we’ll have it for you.

Child-Friendly Designs: Working with small children can be a challenge.  Putting toddlers at ease can be as easy as having a child-friendly design on the exam table.  A cranky toddler will be more likely to want to jump on top of the table if they think it’s cool.  We have many child-friendly designs for you to consider.

Replaceable Pads: Our tables come with replaceable pads to help you keep them in service for years to come.  While the pads on our table are durable, being able to replace them is always nice.

Paper Cover Dispenser: A few of our pediatric exam tables can come with a paper dispenser and cutter.  Having exam paper close at hand makes it simple to keep things sterile for the next patient.

Durable and Cleanable Materials: Our pediatric treatment tables come with laminate bases and vinyl pad tops to make sanitizing them easy.  The quality materials used are strong and can take many cleanings a day. 

We Can Help You. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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