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Urology & Ostomy

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About Urology & Ostomy
About Urology & Ostomy

Our Urology and Ostomy Supplies category offers you the most advanced products in comfort, design and aseptic technique. We offer you a variety of products for all settings from acute care settings as well as physician offices, extended care facilities, and home care. Explore our high quality, irrigation traysenemasspecimen containersurinals & bedpans and more.  Search our ostomy pouchesbarriers, and accessories, for all ostomy needs. We have ostomy products from top of the line companies like Hollister, ConvaTec, and Coloplast.

You will also find drainage bags with double hangers for extra support, along with anti-reflux features. Search through our catheter trays, intermittent, external, and Foley catheters to find the one that suits your needs best. You will find a variety of sizes and materials to meet the needs of all catheterized patients.

Drainage Bags

Our drainage bags offer functionality, durability, and comfort for your patients.

Foley Catheters

You can choose among different types of Foley catheters which include different coatings. They come in many different sizes to suit the needs of your patients. Click on the Foley Catheter category below to discover more of our urinary catheterization products.

Irrigation Trays

In our Irrigation Tray section, you will find irrigation trays that come with the components you will need for the irrigation procedure. 

Ostomy & Urology Pouches

We offer you a large and comprehensive selection of ostomy and urology pouches and accessories. This section is divided into separate sections for one-piece pouches, two-piece pouches, ostomy skin barriers, and ostomy accessories. We carry different choices with various distinctive features, so be sure to check out the rest of our one-piece pouches, as well as our two-piece pouches. In the ostomy accessories section, you can find different choices and sizes. Browse the rest of our ostomy and urology pouches section to discover our full selection in each of the categories.

Urinals & Bedpans

Check out our urinals and bedpans products and contact us so that we can provide you with any assistance that you require.

Check out the rest of our Urology and Ostomy supplies by clicking on a category below. Use our customer friendly filters on the left of your screen for help in choosing a brand, size, material or any other specification. If you have any questions please contact our friendly customer service for assistance!

Watch, Learn and Get to Know

Rapid COVID-19 Testing with BD Veritor

Fast and accurate diagnosis of the presence of coronavirus is central to managing the pandemic. With the BD Veritor Rapid COVID-19 Test, results can be confirmed in as fast as 15 minutes. The painless and fast process ensures comfort and safety for both patients and medical staff. The BD Veritor Rapid COVID-19 Test is authorized by the FDA under an EUA, pending FDA clearance/approval, and is CLIA waived.

General Minor Instrument Tray: A Breakdown

The general minor instrument tray is the most common surgical tray used in any type of minor procedure like the removal of hernias, breast lumps, among others. Watch this video for a short run-through of what you can find in a general minor instrument tray including scalpels, scissors, forceps, needle holders, and more.

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