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About Apparel
About Apparel

At Tiger Medical we offer you every type of medical apparel that you may need, from scrubs, medical coats, and isolation gowns to shoe covers, protective masks, and medical caps. Each specific type of apparel is categorized into individual sections for a convenient and easy shopping experience. Browse our medical apparel section and contact our friendly sales staff for any assistance that you require.

Coverall Gowns

In this section you will find medical gowns made of various materials and with varying degrees of protection, as well as sterile and non-sterile options. The disposable coveralls from Dukal are made of polypropylene and are sold 25 per case. It features a front zipper and elastic wrist and ankle cuffs and comes in three sizes. Kimberly Clark's Valueselect spun bond gown is made of comfortable and breathable fabric and has ties at the neck and waist for a great fit. It comes in two size options and two color options. These are only a couple of items from our large selection so be sure to check out the rest of our coverall medical gown category.


The medical Anti-Fog Safety Eyewear from Kimberly Clark has anti-fog protection and 99% UV protection. They come with a choice of two frame colors and four lens colors and in a case of 12. Kimbery Clark's Safeview   Assembled Glasses is a great choice, as they can be worn over regular glasses and feature replaceable lenses  which can be easily inserted into the frames. PDI sells cleaning wipes for your protective glasses which will clean without streaking, fogging, or scratching your lenses. They can be used on polycarbonate and glass lenses. They are sold by the case with 120 wipes per box and 12 boxes per case.

Surgical Masks

To protect yourself from harmful fluids, gases, and particles, shop for a surgical mask from Tiger Medical's incredibly vast selection to find the one that will be the safest and most comfortable choice for you. 3M offers a respiratory and surgical mask which meets the CDC guidelines for exposure control of mycobacterium tuberculosis and is FDC approved for use as a surgical mask. It falls under other safety guidelines as well and is comfortable and lightweight. The Biomask from Medline is an antiviral mask which has been tested and protects against many viruses such as H1N1, swine, and avian. After five minutes of use, 99.99% of viruses are inactivated. Dukal's High Protection mask is a respiratory and surgical mask with a PFE of more than 99%, a BFE of 99%, and a 95% or more filter efficiency. 

Medical Coats

The pocketed Lab Coat from Dynarex is made of SMS and comes in 5 sizes and 3 colors. It is latex free and features wrist cuffs for comfortable wear. They also sell a similar coat without pockets that comes in 5 sizes and two colors. Both coats are comfortable, durable, and affordable.  The Basic PLUS lab coat from Kimberly Clark is made of SMS fabric. It has three strong pockets and a loop at the neck for easy hanging. It comes with 25 coats per case and in four sizes; Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. They also sell the Basic PLUS coat in blue, which comes in three sizes; Medium, Large, and X-Large. Browse the rest of our medical coat section to find the styles, sizes, and colors that you are looking for.

Watch, Learn and Get to Know

Rapid COVID-19 Testing with BD Veritor

Fast and accurate diagnosis of the presence of coronavirus is central to managing the pandemic. With the BD Veritor Rapid COVID-19 Test, results can be confirmed in as fast as 15 minutes. The painless and fast process ensures comfort and safety for both patients and medical staff. The BD Veritor Rapid COVID-19 Test is authorized by the FDA under an EUA, pending FDA clearance/approval, and is CLIA waived.

General Minor Instrument Tray: A Breakdown

The general minor instrument tray is the most common surgical tray used in any type of minor procedure like the removal of hernias, breast lumps, among others. Watch this video for a short run-through of what you can find in a general minor instrument tray including scalpels, scissors, forceps, needle holders, and more.

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