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About Bandages
About Bandages

At Tiger Medical we offer you a large selection of bandages of various types and styles. We carry adhesive bandages, compression bandages, elastic bandages, wound closure strips, triangular bandages, and tubular bandages. Below you will find a description of specific categories and links to individual products.

Adhesive Bandages

We have a large selection of adhesive bandages for your wound care needs. You can use the filter on the left side of the page to locate the type of bandage and the material of bandage that you prefer. Among the types are standard, knuckle, fingertip, sheer, and spot, and the material choices are fabric, plastic, and camo fabric.  The knuckle bandage from Dynarex is made of flexible fabric and is designed to fit comfortably on one's knuckle. Curad offers waterproof adhesive bandages that are made of extra-strong, durable plastic. They also have bandages designed for children with Sesame Street characters and another with assorted neon colors. Check out Curad's Flex Seal Spray Bandage which provides immediate protection for scrapes and cuts. It is water-proof and transparent and will provide up to 50 uses. Their Extreme Hold bandages are made with strong fabric and designed to conform to the affected area.

Compression Bandages

The Premium Elastic compression bandage roll from Dukal provides even compression and is made of supportive and comfortable material. It features a hook and loop type closure. Dynarex's sterile Compress Bandage will help keep the primary bandage in place comfortably with controlled pressure. It is available in three widths; 2", 3", and 4", and with many rolls per case. The Unna Boot bandages are lined with zinc oxide to help the wound heal and alleviate skin irritation. They feature a finished edge for patient comfort and to prevent further wounding and come in individual foil packages.

Wound Closure Strips

Wound closure strips are used for small wounds and on suture and staple removal sites, as well as a replacement for sutures and staples. 3M's Steri-Strips provide protection for the wound and comsmetic benefits by reducing scarring. They are waterproof and easy to apply. Dukal's wound closure strips are sterile and porous, and designed for closing incision wounds. They come in a variety of sizes and quantities. The sterile butterfly wound closure strips from Dukal are latex free and individually packed in an easy to peel package. They come with a variety of sizes, fabrics, and shapes for your convenience.

For more products in the above categories and to view our other categories, browse through the rest of our comprehensive selection of bandages.

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