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Bedroom & Patient Room

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About Bedroom & Patient Room
About Bedroom & Patient Room

Caring for elderly or ill loved ones at home is a rewarding but challenging experience. Aside for the emotional difficulties, outfitting your home with the required amenities is a huge undertaking. We at Tiger Medical understand the challenge of finding the appropriate items, and are here to help every step of the way. Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable agents who can help you locate all the appropriate home care products you require.

Hospital Beds

Our full line of hospital beds includes Bariatric BedsFull Electric BedsSemi Electric Home Care Beds, and Manual Beds. You can also find a collection of bed accessories such as Bed ExtendersBed Ends, and Bed Buggys.

Mattresses, Mattress Covers, & Mattress Accessories

Choose from our selection of foaminnerspringair, and  water mattresses to suit your taste and requirements. We also carry a variety of mattress covers for comfort, to relieve pressure, and to expedite recovery. Check out the Med Aire Standard Pad, which is designed with a bubble pad for therapeutic treatment of pressure ulcers. To complete your purchase, view our Mattress Pumps and Parts category for mattress accessories you may need.

Bed Rails

If your needs include a sturdy bed rail for the safety of your loved one living at home, or if you are an institution outfitting an entire floor of suites, see our selection of over 15 different types of bed rails and patient assist bars. Full length and partial length rails, as well as assist handles, are some of the many bed rail products we carry.

Overbed Tables

Overbed Tables for reclining chairs or bed-bound patients offer the unique advantage of eating from a small tray that does not require outside support. Various options are available, including a tilt or non tilt tablebariatric table, and low height tables. Scroll through the different options to choose a tray table to suit your needs.

Trapeze Bars

Unique and innovative, the Trapeze Bar assists patients while changing positions in bed and for bed transferring. We supply both freestanding and fixed offset options. Our varieties of Trapeze Bars are guaranteed to include one that fits your requirements. We also carry a selection of bed and leg wedges to ease respiratory problems, reduce neck, back and shoulder tension, and reduce stress on the spine.


Our diverse collection of cushions and backs for wheelchairs, walkers, and general use, provide comfort, reduce pressure, and help prevent sores. With a huge variety of sizes, shapes, features, and functions, you are sure to find something that will fit your needs. Take a look at the Pressure Protection Solution, which provides optimum stabilization, positioning, pressure reduction and seating posture. Having difficulties choosing one? Feel free to contact our customer support for help!

Transfer Aids

Transfer Aids are extremely helpful when transferring to and from beds or wheelchairs. Transfer DiscsBoards, and Easy Assist Poles, and stabilizing systems each help transfer individuals with different levels of mobility.

Patient Alarms

Our selection of patient alarms are quite effective in preventing patient wandering, alarming caregiver of patient movements or falls, or calling caregiver at the request of the patient. 

We strive to accommodate and anticipate every need and requirement for our wide range of customers. We would love to hear from you with requests, questions, or comments. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect Home Care items to fulfill your requirements.

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