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Blood Pressure

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About  Blood Pressure
About Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a common medical condition in the United States, with nearly half of adults (47% or 116 million) diagnosed as hypertensive (CDC, 2021).

Out of the 116 million hypertension patients, 91.7 million, or 79%, need a combination of lifestyle changes and medication to get their blood pressure under control.

To effectively implement this, in addition to regular in-hospital blood pressure monitoring, more physicians are recommending the use of at-home blood pressure monitors to keep track of the patient’s blood pressure and ensure that they are on the right dosage.

At-home or portable blood pressure monitors are also used to confirm whether a patient has true blood pressure, monitor pregnant women with signs of pregnancy-induced hypertension, and monitor patients with coexisting conditions such as diabetes.

Tiger Medical carries a variety of Hospital Blood Pressure Monitors and Home Blood Pressure Monitors to help physicians form a holistic hypertension intervention unique to each patient’s needs.

Types of Blood Pressure Monitors

Mercury Sphygmomanometers

Mercury Sphygmomanometers are the most accurate kind of blood pressure monitor, and they are considered to be the best kind to use for blood pressure diagnosis. These are the most common blood pressure monitors used in hospitals. We carry a variety of Mercury Sphygmomanometers with safety features to prevent mercury spills.

Aneroid Sphygmomanometers

Aneroid Sphygmomanometers are a kind of BP monitor that does not use mercury, making them a safe and affordable alternative to Mercury Sphygmomanometers. Since Aneroid Sphygmomanometers use delicate mechanisms to measure BP and require regular recalibration, it is ideal for the hospital instead of home use. Tiger Medical carries a variety of Aneroid Sphygmomanometers ranging from Pocket Aneroids to Wall-Mounted / Mobile Aneroid Sphygmomanometers.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors are portable, user-friendly, and technologically advanced devices that make BP monitoring easier and faster. A Digital Blood Pressure Monitor uses an electronic pressure sensor to measure blood pressure and displays the readings on a digital screen. Digital BP monitors are very easy to use and can be affordable too, making them a good choice for both hospital and at-home blood pressure monitoring.

Home Blood Pressure Monitors

At-home blood pressure monitoring can be done using digital or manual BP monitors. Digital BP Monitors, as mentioned before, display readings on digital screens while manual BP monitors display readings on a dial. Manual BP Monitors are the more affordable option, although reading the dial can be a little challenging due to smaller numbers. 

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

For some patients, a doctor may recommend ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, which means the patient will need to wear a blood pressure cuff for 24 hours. The cuff is connected to a compact measuring device that automatically measures and records BP at set times. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring will give physicians more data to make a proper medical diagnosis. 

What Blood Pressure Monitor To Buy

The best blood pressure monitor to buy depends on where it will be used, the budget, and other factors like data management. 

Hospital BP Monitoring

For hospital use, it is best to purchase a blood pressure monitor that does not leave room for errors, is easy to use with minimal staff training, and will seamlessly integrate with the current data management infrastructure. If working on a limited budget with a priority on accuracy and safety, Aneroid Sphygmomanometers are the best option. We have the Pro Advantage Deluxe Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, a high-quality BP monitor that is very affordable. 

If the budget is more flexible, Digital BP Monitors can significantly boost productivity without compromising accuracy. The Welch Allyn Connex ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is a hospital-grade digital BP device that captures readings in as fast as 15 seconds and integrates with most of the major EHR systems today. It has wall-mounting and mobile-mount options.

At-Home BP Monitoring

If you are a patient looking for the best at-home blood pressure monitor, or a physician looking for something to recommend to patients, the first question to consider is whether the user prefers manual or digital BP measurement. If you’re looking for a Manual BP Monitor, check out the ADC 6005 Complete Manual Blood Pressure Monitor Kit, a highly accurate manual BP device that is also relatively low in price.

For a Digital BP Monitor, the Welch Allyn RPM-BP100 Home Blood Pressure Monitor is hard to beat. It is cost-effective and accurately captures 97% exact readings in 20 seconds. It is perfect for home use, with Bluetooth connectivity that allows patients to manage their BP readings using a free smartphone app.

Where to Buy a Blood Pressure Monitor

A lot of online and brick-and-mortar marketplaces are selling extremely low-priced Blood Pressure Monitors. The problems with some of these marketplaces are it’s hard to verify the authenticity of the products, getting after-sales support can be a nightmare, and the brands or models being sold are nowhere as accurate as the ones from major brands like Welch Allyn, ADC, and Omron. Some will even leave you hanging when there’s a problem with shipping.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy BP Monitor supplier, Tiger Medical is the leading choice. Our customers know us for our dedicated service before, during, and after sales. Once you place an order with us, we stay on top of it until it arrives at your door. If you encounter an issue with the item, we give you the same attention that we give to our purchasing customers. Shop our website now for 100% guaranteed Blood Pressure Monitors.

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Choosing the Right Home Blood Pressure Monitor for You

This video from Omron, a leading provider of blood pressure monitors, gives tips on how to choose the right home blood pressure monitor. First, get a device that is tested and validated for its accuracy and recommended by doctors. Second, ensure that it has the right cuff size for you. Third, ensure that the blood pressure monitor has all the features you need to fit your needs.

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