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Cardiology Equipment

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About Cardiology Equipment
About Cardiology Equipment

The increasing need for cardiology services demands a complete suite of quality diagnostic cardiology equipment and accessories. Tiger Medical is a trusted supplier of high-quality Cardiology Equipment from EKG/ECG machinesHoltersSpirometers, and Stress Test Equipment to accessories including ElectrodesChart Paper, and Mounting and Storage Options like Hospital Carts and Wall Mounts. Staying true to our commitment to providing only high-quality and reliable medical equipment, we are a proud distributor of leading brands including Welch Allyn, 3M, Covidien/Kendall, GE, Omron, and Dynarex.

EKG Machines

We carry a full selection of EKG, or ECG, machines for electrocardiography diagnoses. The Burdick ELI 230 Resting Electrocardiograph is a user-friendly model that features a 10.1" high-resolution colored touchscreen that can simultaneously display up to 12 leads. Another ECG Machine you might consider is the Welch Allyn CP 150 Compact Resting ECG, a portable ECG device with a 7” touchscreen display, fast one-button operation, full-size printouts, and a built-in interpretation algorithm to help with clinical decision-making. It also has various connectivity options and an optional spirometry capability. With our catalog of EKG/ECG Machines, you are guaranteed to find the right model for your needs.


Holter Recorder Monitors, or ambulatory electrocardiographs, are diagnostic cardiology equipment used for monitoring a patient's cardiac health outside of the doctor's office over a period of time. We carry top-of-the-line models, such as the Burdick 48 Hr H3+ Holter Recorder, a lightweight 3-channel Holter monitor that can capture patients’ ECG data for 48 hours with just one battery. You can purchase the software necessary for the Holters here at Tiger Medical as well. For example, we have the Burdick Vision Express Holter Analysis System which is used to analyze the data gathered by the H3+ Holter.

Cardiopulmonary Accessories

Tiger Medical provides a large and comprehensive cardiac accessories section where you will find all the accessories needed for your cardiopulmonary diagnostic needs. We provide Electrodes, which are necessary for the EKG Machines and Holters, Chart Paper, and Cables, Clips and Adapters for the heart monitoring equipment. We also carry Mounting and Storage accessories, such as the Welch Allyn ECG Hospital Cart for easy and convenient portability, and Skin Preparation accessories for the cardiac monitors.

Equip your medical practice with reliable and complete Cardiology Equipment for sale at discounted prices. If you need any help finding the right diagnostic cardiology equipment and accessories, reach out to us via email, chat, or phone call and we’ll be happy to help. 

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