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About Gynecology
About Gynecology

At Tiger Medical, we bring you a full Gynecology section with all the tools, supplies, and equipment you need for gynecology diagnostic procedures. Check out our Colposcope category where you will find high quality colposcopes from trusted brands that offer the latest technology and innovative features for all your colposcopy procedures. Features include LED lights for great illumination of tissue, overhead suspension arm for a full range of motion, compact center stands that are lightweight and transportable, optional video imaging with the ability to upload to EMR systems, and more.

Our selection of Cryosurgical Systems includes many options so that you can choose the perfect product to meet your needs. Options include Liquid Nitrogen, Nitrous Oxide, and Carbon Dioxide gas systems. We also offer a large selection of various types of sterilizable and reusable cryosurgical tips.

Also view our comprehensive selections of Speculum and Forceps, as well as our General/Miscellaneous items for all the tools and accessories you require for your procedures.

Watch, Learn and Get to Know

A Nurse's Perspective: The Benefits of Electronic Vital Signs Documentation with Welch Allyn

Old vital sign monitors require manual recording of patients’ vital signs. This cumbersome process consumes time that nurses could be spending with their patients instead. A nurse from St. Joseph’s Hospital shares how Welch Allyn's electronic vital signs documentation has boosted workflow efficiency, improved infection prevention, and allowed them to spend more time at the bedside.

Choosing the Right Home Blood Pressure Monitor for You

This video from Omron, a leading provider of blood pressure monitors, gives tips on how to choose the right home blood pressure monitor. First, get a device that is tested and validated for its accuracy and recommended by doctors. Second, ensure that it has the right cuff size for you. Third, ensure that the blood pressure monitor has all the features you need to fit your needs.

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