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Lab Tests

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About Lab Tests
About Lab Tests

Here at Tiger Medical we offer a wide range of lab test supplies for all lab needs and substance abuse testing. Use our customer friendly filters to view our selection of urinalysis tests, rapid tests, alcohol, drug, cotinine screens, test controls, reagents, lab accessories and more. Choose from top brands with worldwide recognition like Alere, Bayer, Quidel, Covidien/Kendall and Arkray USA.

Drug & Alcohol Tests

Throughout our drug and alcohol category, you will find the industry’s widest assortment of substance abuse products like cup designs, dip cards, cassettes, breath, saliva screens and more.  Many of the lab tests are available with multiple configuration options, CLIA waived and FDA cleared to market for clinical use. The AlcoMate Premium breath alcohol tester from Alere is simple to use with one button to push for activation. It has an audible alert and an automatic power-off feature. It comes with a kit which includes 2 AA batteries, 55 mouthpieces, a user's manual, a car adapter, and more. You can also purchase additional mouthpieces separately in a package of 50. While browsing through the rest of the drug and alcohol testing section, use the customer friendly filters located on the left side of the screen to assist you in finding the item that you are looking for.

Rapid Tests

Today rapid diagnostic tests are more popular than ever. Used at the time of care, these tests can be adapted for use in many healthcare settings. Rapid tests are incredibly convenient and available at low costs, are simple to operate and read, and work in a short period of time. We carry many influenza testing kits, including the Veritor System from BD which is recommended to be used as an aid in the diagnosis of influenza. We also carry rapid strep tests including Quidel's QuickVue In-Line Strep A Test which entails a quick and simple one-stem process for results in only 5 minutes. The kit includes positive and negative control swabs, 5 disposable droppers, and extraction solution bottles, among other necessary components. You can purchase additional swabs separately.


Reagents are used to ensure the accuracy of your test results. The iScreen Urine Drug Control Kit from Alere includes both positive and negative vials and has an option of a 5 or 10 mL vial. It is compatible with any of the Alere urine drug screens. Quidel's Strep A Liquid Control Set is compatible with the QuickVue Strep A test and contains enough fluid for 65 tests.


Urinalysis testing is one of the most common methods of medical diagnosis. Dipsticks with single or multiple parameters test for glucose, protein, ketone, pH, blood, bilirubin, specific gravity and more. The If you have any questions about our lab tests please feel free to contact our friendly customer service for assistance! 

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