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Stethoscope Parts and Accessories

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About Stethoscope Parts and Accessories
About Stethoscope Parts and Accessories

Before buying a new stethoscope, explore the option of refurbishing yours with genuine scope accessories. Choose from a wide selection of parts that include diaphragmsbinauralsbell sleevesear tipsrims, and more. At Tiger Medical, we want to help you restore your prized stethoscope.  We offer you stethoscope parts from trusted, respected names in medical diagnostic instruments. There are many different models so be sure to choose the parts that will be compatible with your stethoscope.


You will find soft, comfortable and highly functional eartips in this section which are compatible with specific stethoscopes. The Ultra Adsoft eartips from ADC fits any of their Adscope stethoscopes. They are comfortable, easy to clean, and fit well inside the ear which prevents sound leakage. The eartips for Welch Allyn's Professional Adult Stethoscope are the Comfort Sealing Eartips which has two size options, small and large.


In this section you will find replacement rims and bell sleeves for specific stethoscopes from our stethoscope selection. For example, the Snap-On Rims for the Classic II Infant stethoscope, which comes with 5 per package, or the Diaphragm Rim for the Adscope Convertible Cardiology stethoscope and Adscope Pediatric stethoscope.

Diaphragms and Chest Pieces

This section includes a very large amount of diaphragms and chest pieces that are compatible with specific models of stethoscopes. You can click on the filters on the left side of the screen to specify the type of product you are searching for; diaphragm, chest piece, bell, or chestpiece drum.


Find spare tubing for your stethoscope here. You will find the binaurals for the ADC Adcope stethoscopes, binaurals for ADC sprague scopes and binaurals for the 3M Master Classic II stethoscope, among many others.

Stethoscope Accessories

This section contains accessories for stethoscopes, including Educational CDsID tags, and accessories kits.

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