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About Syringes
About Syringes

At Tiger Medical we offer syringes with and without needles attached. Our syringe barrels are crystal clear for easy reading and visualization. The markings are bold to assure correct dosing. Our syringe and needle collection all comply with OSHA safety requirements. We have a variety of syringes including hypodermic, allergy, insulin, tuberculin, and pharmacy trays. 

Check out the SurGuard2 syringe sets with safety features that prevent needlestick injury with a special locking mechanism and an audible device that indicates device activation. The SurSaver syringes have needles attached eliminating the needle hub. This design prevents drugs from getting caught in the hub and wasted after the injection. All syringes are conveniently wrapped individually to assure that they are sterile until opened. The syringes featured in this category are latex free to avoid allergic reactions. If you have any concerns or questions please contact our customer service for assistance!

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