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Wipes & Towelettes

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About Wipes & Towelettes
About Wipes & Towelettes

Our Wipes and Towelettes section contains prep pads, towelettes, adult wipes and washcloths, and remover pads. Browse our selection to locate the product that will be ideal for your needs. Each type is separated into different sections for a convenient shopping experience.

Preparation Pads

This section includes alcohol and Iodine prep pads from Dukal and Dynarex. The Alcohol Prep Pads from Dukal are antiseptic and contain 70% alcohol. They are available in both sterile and non-sterile options.


The Nice 'n Fresh Towelettes from Dynarex are 5.5" x 8" and contain 20% alcohol. They come in a convenient pop-up canister for easy retrieval. Dukal's BZK Towelette contains an anti-septic solution and is non-toxic. Check out the Wet-Nap Moist towelettes from PDI. They contain no alcohol and each towelette is packaged individually for your convenience.

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