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About Work Stations
About Work Stations

Ensure your productivity by customizing your doctor's workstation. Tiger Medical catalogs PAC stationsmobile workstationsmonitor armsCPU holders, and more. Whether you are looking for a compact, mobile, or a secure workstation solution, we have all the products you need. Call our friendly sales staff and we'll be happy to help you choose the workstation that will best suit your work flow.

Medical Workstations

The Datum WallWrite workstations are designed to offer a convenient writing surface where a conventional desk cannot be placed. Made with a durable, steel construction, these products can simply be folded away when not in use. For increased medical record security, we recommend a HIPAA-compliant locking unit.

PAC Stations

Public Access Computer (PAC) stations are a great option when office floor space is limited. Mounted to a wall or a pole, it allows for extra attachments of a keyboard platform, CPU holder, or a monitor. PAC stations are a popular choice for doctors’ offices and hospitals, since they enable face to face, patient-doctor interaction, whilst permitting the doctor to simultaneously computerize patient data.

Mobile Workstations

Mobile computer workstations provide a spacious and secure workspace on a self-contained computer cart. Ranging from our classic Workstation on Wheels, we also stock a Sit-Stand Workstation, and a workstation designed for presentations, laptops, and monitors. Most of our mobile workstations also feature effortless height adjustability.

Monitor Arms

Research shows that incorrect placement of a computer screen can cause neck pain, shoulder pain, and eye strain. For an ergonomic solution, check out ESI’s monitor arms; a flat panel monitor that can be placed at a safe working height.  Maximizing your workspace and efficiency, monitor arms are also beneficial for bifocal wearers. Our swivel monitors are ideal for doctors’ or medical practitioners’, enabling appropriate monitor location when in use, and otherwise it can simply be moved aside. We additionally have monitor arms that can be rotated between portrait and landscape, those that are height adjustable, and dual monitor arms.

LCD TV and Heavy Monitor Arms

LCD TV monitors and heavy monitor arms are widely used in hospitals, dental practices and doctors’ offices. For a portable LCD TV mount with an adjustable mounting backrest, we recommend the Mobile LCD TV mount. Or, if you’re searching for a wall mounted option, we supply fixed and articulating wall mounts, and an option for small LCD TV’s. Moreover, the EDGE Dual Monitor Arm for Heavy Monitors tilts, rotates, and comes with a desk clamp and grommet mount.

Task Lighting

ESI’s range of desktop LED and under cabinet lighting is created to suit your doctors' office. This section includes task lighting systems, which are flexible, lightweight, and have a small profile. With 50,000 lamp life hours, a continuous dimming touch switch, and a 350° rotatable lamp head, we advise the SOLSTICE Dual Purpose LED Desk Lamp. Or, if you want to purchase under cabinet lighting, we offer Fluorescent Under Cabinet lightsSingle Unit LED Under Cabinet Lighting, and occupancy sensors, which switch off the lamp when no motion is detected for 15 minutes.

CPU Holders and Utility Carts

Safeguard your CPU by keeping it off the floor. Take a look at ESI’s CPU holders and utility carts, specifically built so that no extra tools are required for adjustments. Whether you want an Easy Access CPU holder, a lockable one, or a portable CPU cart on casters, browse our products and find the one that’s right for you.

Laptop Trays and Stands

Ergonomic equipment and body positioning is vital in creating a safe work environment. We recommend a laptop dock, which functions to raise your working eye level to a safe height. Alternatively, ESI’s Locking Laptop Drawer not only secures your laptop against theft, but also has an inbuilt, soft foam wrist support to protect your wrists against injury.

Keyboard Trays

keyboard tray is fixed to the underneath of your desk, to ensure the appropriate height and angle for your keyboard and mouse. Keyboards and working surfaces that are too low or too high can encourage awkward postures and movements, which can lead to discomfort and injury. Tiger Medical presents keyboard combosarticulating armskeyboard platforms and drawer slides, all designed to maintain a safe work surface level. 

Workstation Accessories

Our vast range of workstation accessories contains ESI’s Adjustable Footrests and Desk Risers. These items aim to decrease fatigue, whilst promoting healthier positioning of your spine and legs during work. Other workstation accessories include articulating monitor arms. The EDGE2 Series - Single to Dual Monitor Arm Conversion enables you to convert your Edge single series monitor to a dual monitor. Similarly, if you need to adapt ESI’s 01 Series - Single Monitor Arm to a dual monitor arm, purchase the 01 Series Kit. We also have options to modify the heavy duty KALIBUR monitor arm, as well as a triple monitor arm conversion.

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