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Emergency Supplies

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About Emergency Supplies
About Emergency Supplies

Tiger Medical offers an extensive and comprehensive selection of all the vital emergency supplies that you may need. Each type of emergency supplies is divided into separate sections. Included in our selection are AEDs and defibrillators from manufacturers Cardiac Science, HeartSine, and Zoll, including all the defibrillator parts and accessories. We also carry airwaysemergency kitsemergency blanketsresuscitatorsampules, and shears. Browse our vast emergency supplies section to find the product that you are looking for.


Our Defibrillator section offers you many models of defibrillator machines, including AEDs, as well as electrodes and paddlesstorage and mounting suplies, cables and adapterspower supplies, and general accessories. Choose among our automaticmanual, and auto/manual options. The Pro AED from Zoll can be used by non-exprienced users, as well as BLS, and ALS responders. It can switch between AED and a full manual defibrillator. It has a see-through feature where the responder can see the patient's heart rhythm in real time while performing the CPR. Cardiac Science's Powerheart AED G3 is designed to be used by rescuers who have no professional training. It has a feature that will ensure that it will always be ready to be used by daily self-checking its software, hardware and batteries. We also sell training defibrillators, including the Zoll Plus Trainer2 which has a wireless remote control for the instructor and imitates the features of a real defibrillator without giving actual shocks.


Airways are an important tool needed when performing life-saving measures for an emergency victim, as they clear the airways of the victim and allow him/her to breathe without obstructions. We carry disposable Berman type airways as well as disposable Guedel airways. ADC's Berman Airways are made of polyethylene which is smooth for the patient's comfort and safety. They feature a strong bite block to prevent collapse of the victim's airway. They come in six sizes, from neonatal to XXL Adult and can be purchased in either 12 or 100 per package. ADC offers their airways in kits, like the Guedel Airway Kit which is a box of one of each of 8 sizes of the Guedel type flexible airway. You can also purchase a box of 100 Berman airways from Dynarex which comes in 6 sizes.

Emergency Kits

Curad offers both a Complete First Aid Kit and a Compact First Aid Kit. The Complete version includes 175 pieces including, but definitely not limited to, antiseptic towelettes, fabric bandages, adhesive bandages, an eye patch, vinyl exam gloves, a finger splint, and water resistant tape. The Responder Holster Set from ADC is a very convenient and lightweight EMT kit that attaches to your belt comfortably and easily. It includes forceps, shears, a penlight, scissors, a pocket knife, and a tourniquet. Dynarex offers a disposable emergency kit, the Obstetrical Kit. It comes with 10 kits per case and you can choose between a boxed or bagged option.


We carry resuscitator supplies from ADC, Dynarex, and Medline. Medline offers Adult, Pediatric, and Infant resuscitators. Their Adult Resuscitator with Bag Reservoir features a textured, clear bag which won't slip and a port that swivels 360 degrees. There are various purchasing options for this resuscitator, including with or without a filter, PEEP valves, and CO2 indicators. Dynarex's MPR Bags are see-through and textured and includes a face mask, 10 ft. oxygen tubing, a duck-bill type valve, exhalation port, and a reservoir tube and bag. It has three size options; infant, pediatric, and adult. ADC's Adsafe Plus Face Shield is a very convenient choice of a CPR face shield, as it comes in a small, compact hard case with a keychain. It can be used by beginners, as it has instructions for use printed right on the shield. It is designed to be as safe as possible for both the victim and rescuer.

Watch, Learn and Get to Know

Rapid COVID-19 Testing with BD Veritor

Fast and accurate diagnosis of the presence of coronavirus is central to managing the pandemic. With the BD Veritor Rapid COVID-19 Test, results can be confirmed in as fast as 15 minutes. The painless and fast process ensures comfort and safety for both patients and medical staff. The BD Veritor Rapid COVID-19 Test is authorized by the FDA under an EUA, pending FDA clearance/approval, and is CLIA waived.

General Minor Instrument Tray: A Breakdown

The general minor instrument tray is the most common surgical tray used in any type of minor procedure like the removal of hernias, breast lumps, among others. Watch this video for a short run-through of what you can find in a general minor instrument tray including scalpels, scissors, forceps, needle holders, and more.

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