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Skin & Wound Care

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About Skin & Wound Care
About Skin & Wound Care

At Tiger Medical we have a vast assortment of skin and wound care supplies. We have hundreds of bandages, dressings, gauze, cotton balls and rolls, wipes and towelettes, burn care supplies, wound supplies for drainage and debridement, prep solutions, and skin protectants. Each type of supplies is divided into separate categories for a convenient shopping experience.


We offer you many different kinds of bandages which are categorized in their own sections including adhesive, elastic, compression, and tubular bandages. Our adhesive bandages include those made of plastic and fabric and of many different types and shapes. The fingertip bandage from Curad is made of woven, breathable fabric and is shaped to comfortably adhere to the wound. Dynarex offers sheer adhesive bandages which are made of strong, breathable plastic and are available for purchase in various sizes and quantities. The Safari bandages from Curad are perfect for use on children and feature three animal designs; Zebra, Leopard, and Tiger. In our elastic bandage section we have Dynarex's Sensi Wrap which is a self-adhering elastic bandage that works to keep the primary bandage in place. Dukal has a latex elastic bandage which comes in rolls that are individually wrapped with a choice of various sizes. Click on the Bandages category below to see the rest of our selection.


The Dressings section provides you with many different types of dressings, each divided into separate categories. Our selection includes foam dressings, hydrocolloid dressings, gauze dressings, non-adherent dressings, silver dressings, specialty dressings, and more. Our gauze dressings section includes gauze rolls, sponges, pads, and packing strips. See the sterile gauze pads from Dynarex which come in a dispenser box and with one pad per pouch. Among our foam dressings, find the self-adhering foam products from 3M which are light and comfortable and can be cut to the proper size and shape. Our medicated dressings section includes the Petrolatum gauze dressing from Curad which is a sterile, non-adherent dressing with petrolatum and the Xeroform gauze dressing with 3% Bismuth Tribromophenate. This is only a small representation of the many dressing supplies that we carry. Click on the Dressings category below for more.

Tapes and Adhesives

The Waterproof adhesive from Curad is oil resistant as well which makes it easy to write on. It is durable and latex-free, and comes in various sizes and quantities. Dukal's Cohesive bandages are latex-free and designed to stick to themselves and not to anything else. They come in various sizes and either in tan or assorted colors. The Cloth Silk Adhesive Tape from Curad is made of woven material and is water-proof and hypoallergenic. It is available in various sizes and quantities. Dynarex offers elastic compression tape which is designed to be comfortable and breathable, and each roll is individually wrapped.

First Aid

Dynarex offers Instant Cold Packs and Hot Packs which provide immediate relief for skin wounds. They are activated easily by squeezing them once. The hot pack is 5" x 9" and comes with 24 per case, and the cold pack is available in sizes 4" x 9" and 4" x 5" with 24 per case. The Sting and Bite pads provide gentle relief for insect bites and stings. They are easily portable and measure only 2" x 2" in their package. ADC's Kelly Hemostatic Forceps will assist in controlling bleeding in emergency situations. They are available with a straight tip and a curved tip. They are auto-clavable and feature a locking mechanism which allows them to be used with precision.

Check out the rest of our broad and extensive selection of skin and wound care supplies and call our helpful sales associates for any assistance that you require.

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