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Connex EMR Spot Vital Signs Monitor

MFR#: 71XX-B
TIGER#: TM65135
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Connex EMR Spot Vital Signs Monitor
Connex EMR Spot Vital Signs Monitor - $2,500.00
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Essential Add-Ons:
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Viva Treatment Table
Welch Allyn Wall System
Welch Allyn Wall System
Mobile Stand. 7000-MS3
Mobile Stand. 7000-MS3
Mobile Management Stand. 7000-MWS
Mobile Management Stand. 7000-MWS
Power Management Stand. 7000-APM
Power Management Stand. 7000-APM
Wall Mount Channel. 7000-GCX
Wall Mount Channel. 7000-GCX

The Welch Allyn Connex Spot Monitor is designed to simplify and expedite procedures while providing accurate vital signs measurements. This monitor includes a NIBP module with BP averaging, and offers thermometry and pulse oximetry. The easy to use touchscreen displays spot checking, interval monitoring, and custom scoring across patient population. The Connex Monitor is designed for adults, pediatrics, and neonatal use.

The Connex Vital Signs Monitor connects wirelessly to the EMR and instantly sends vitals to the patient chart from the point of care for improved efficiency. A Connex Scoring App on-device calculator allows the upload of up to three protocols the facility uses such as NEWS, MEWS or other calculations. The monitor displays the facilities recommendations based on the patient scoring results to assist clinicians to make informed care decisions quickly.

Non Invasive Blood Pressure: The Connex Spot Monitor uses oscillometric method to determine blood pressure. The monitor displays systolic and diastolic measurements as well as MAP and average calculations. This model is designed for adult, pediatric and neonatal use. Results are received in 15 seconds.

Temperature: The SureTemp Thermometry uses a thermistor thermometer design and a predictive algorithm to calculate patients temperature in Predictive Mode, the default setting. You may also choose the Direct Mode, which provides continual temperature measurements. The SureBP offers oral, axillary and rectal measurements. The frame displays the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit in all profiles. An oral probe with probe covers is included.

The Braun ThermoScan Pro 6000 thermometer measures temperature through the ear and transfers the measurements to the monitor. Measurements may be viewed in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Pulse Oximetry (Oxygen): SpO2 and pulse rate monitoring continuously measure functional oxygen saturation as well as pulse rate. This feature offers a continuous pulse rate reading vs. a onetime pulse rate reading the standard BP option provides. SpO2 sensors are available for Nonin, Masimo, and Covidien/Nellcor. Although Covidien/Nellcor and Masimo offer similar specs, Masimo has been proven to have excellent capabilities in providing readings where there is unstable patient finger movement. Nonin is cheaper than Masimo, but has similar accuracy and capabilities.

Connectivity: The Connex Spot Monitor offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options. Select your preference from the drop down menu above.

Choose your Configuration

  1. 7100 Base Model with Wired Connectivity - All Markets

  2. 7300 Bluetooth Connectivity Physician - Office Models

  3. 7400 Upgradable to WiFi Connectivity -Hospital Models

  4. 7500 WiFi Connectivity - Hospital Models

Customize Your Connex Spot Monitor

Standard Features

  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure

Available Options


  • SureTemp Plus Thermometry - Oral, axillary, & rectal temperature
  • BraunPro 6000 Ear Thermometer

Pulse Oximetry

  • Covidien/Nellcor, Nonin, Masimo compatible technology


  • Bluetooth or Wifi

See below and select from the Dropbox Above


Item No Oximetry Thermometry Connectivity
71WE-B Nonin SpO2 Braun Pro6000 Wired Connectivity
71WT-B Nonin SpO2 SureTemp Plus Wired Connectivity
71WX-B Nonin SpO2 Wired Connectivity
71XE-B Braun Pro6000 Wired Connectivity
71XT-B SureTemp Plus Wired Connectivity
71XX-B Wired Connectivity
73CE-B Covidien/Nellcor SpO2 Braun Pro6000 Bluetooth Connectivity
73CT-B Covidien/Nellcor SpO2 SureTemp Plus Bluetooth Connectivity
73ME-B Masimo SpO2 Braun Pro6000 Bluetooth Connectivity
73MT-B Masimo SpO2 SureTemp Plus Bluetooth Connectivity
73WE-B Nonin SpO2 Braun Pro6000 Bluetooth Connectivity
73WT-B Nonin SpO2 SureTemp Plus Bluetooth Connectivity
73WX-B Nonin SpO2 Bluetooth Connectivity
73XE-B Braun Pro6000 Bluetooth Connectivity
73XT-B SureTemp Plus Bluetooth Connectivity
74CE-B Covidien/Nellcor SpO2 Braun Pro6000 Upgradable to WiFi Connectivity
74CT-B Covidien/Nellcor SpO2 SureTemp Plus Upgradable to WiFi Connectivity
74CX-B Covidien/Nellcor SpO2 Upgradable to WiFi Connectivity
74ME-B Masimo SpO2 Braun Pro6000 Upgradable to WiFi Connectivity
74MT-B Masimo SpO2 SureTemp Plus Upgradable to WiFi Connectivity
74MX-B Masimo SpO2 Upgradable to WiFi Connectivity
75CE-B Covidien/Nellcor SpO2 Braun Pro6000 WiFi Connectivity
75CT-B Covidien/Nellcor SpO2 SureTemp Plus WiFi Connectivity
75CX-B Covidien/Nellcor SpO2 WiFi Connectivity
75ME-B Masimo SpO2 Braun Pro6000 WiFi Connectivity
75MT-B Masimo SpO2 SureTemp Plus WiFi Connectivity
75MX-B Masimo SpO2 WiFi Connectivity
75WE-B Nonin SpO2 Braun Pro6000 WiFi Connectivity
75WT-B Nonin SpO2 SureTemp Plus WiFi Connectivity
75WX-B Nonin SpO2 WiFi Connectivity

Made in the USA


Replaces the Connex Vital Signs Monitor 6400 and 6500 Series [64HTPX-B, 64HTXX-B, 64HXPX-B, 64HXXX-B, 64MTPX-B, 64MTXE-B, 64MTXX-B, 64MXPE-B, 64MXPX-B, 64MXXE-B, 64MXXX-B, 64NTPE-B, 64NTPX-B, 64NTXX-B, 64NXPE-B, 64NXPX-B, 64NXXE-B, 64NXXX-B, 64XTPX-B, 64XTXX-B, 64XXPE-B, 64XXPX-B, 64XXXE-B, 64XXXX-B, 65HTPX-B, 65HTXX-B, 65HXPX-B, 65HXXX-B, 65MTPX-B, 65MTXX-B, 65MXPE-B, 65MXPX-B, 65MXXE-B, 65MXXX-B, 65NTPX-B, 65NTXX-B, 65NXPE-B, 65NXPX-B, 65NXXE-B, 65NXXX-B, 65XTPX-B, 65XTXX-B, 65XXPE-B, 65XXPX-B, 65XXXE-B, 65XXXX-B]

Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

  • Touchscreen monitor for routine vital signs acquisition, interval monitoring and custom scoring
  • Includes Non-Invasive Blood Pressure & BP averaging
  • Options: Thermometry, Pulse oximetry and Bluetooth / Wireless Connectivity
  • Monitor displays the facilities recommendations based on the patient scoring results

What’s in the Box

Connex Spot Monitor

  • NIBP monitor
  • FlexiPort BP Cuff
  • User Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty

Available Options:

Thermometry options:

  • Oral, Axillary & Rectal Thermometer (SureTemp Plus) - Includes Oral Probe and 20 Disposable Probe Covers
  • BraunPro 6000 Ear Thermometer


  • Nonin, Covidien/Nellcor or Masimo


  • Bluetooth or Wireless
  • 2 Year Warranty

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Patient Populations
Adult, Pediatric & Neonatal patients
Blood pressure information
±5 mmHg mean error, 8 mmHg
Arterial Mean Pressure Range
Adult: 280 mmHg / Pediatric: 280 mmHg / Neonate: 130 mmHg
BP Determination Time
15 seconds
Calculates Average?
Diastolic Range
Adult: 20 to 220 mmHg / Pediatric: 30 to 260 mmHg / Neonate: 20 to 120 mmHg
Systolic Range
Adults: 30 to 260 mmHg / / Pediatric: 30 to 260 mmHg / / Neonate: 20 to 120 mmHg
Auto Inflate/Deflate?
Adult and Large Adult
FlexiPort BP Cuff
Data management
WiFi compliant?
Wireless connection?
15% to 90% noncondensing
Safe Operating Temperature
50°F to 104°F
MS3 Connex Spot Classic Mobile Stand, Accessory Power Management (APM) stand (purchased separately), or wall mount
Options Included
Device Alarms
Nurse Calling
USB port
Battery BP determinations
41-55 patient cycles
Battery Duration
5-8 hours depending on usage
Power Type
100 – 240 V AC
Pulse Rate Information
±5.0% (±3 bpm)
Adult: 30 to 200 bpm/Pediatric: 30 to 200 bpm /Neonate: 35 to 220 bpm
SpO2 Information
Measurement Accuracy
± 1
Measurement Range
1 to 100%
SpO2 Type
Covidien/Nellcor, Masimo, Nonin
Thermometry Information
Measurement Accuracy
SureTemp: ±0.2°F / Braun ±0.4°F -±0.5°F
Measurement Method
Oral Axillary & Rectal for Suretemp / Ear for Braun 4000
Measurement Range
SureTemp: 80°F to 110°F / SureTemp: 68 - 108
Spot Check
2 Year Warranty