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ThinStak TriSlider Filing System 16 Units - 6/5/5

by Datum
MFR#: T665LT7
TIGER#: TM70854
Original price List Price: $26,420.00
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Original price List Price: $26,420.00
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Current price $14,036.00
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ThinStak TriSlider Filing System 16 Units - 6/5/5
ThinStak TriSlider Filing System 16 Units - 6/5/5 - $14,036.00
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Ships Out Within: 20 - 30 Business Days Shipping Date By: 4/14/2024

The versatile ThinStak TriSlider Open Shelf Filing System helps keep your medical documents organized and accessible while taking up a minimal amount of floor space. This configuration includes a triple row of shelves with six shelving units in the back, five in the middle, and five in the front. You can view many other customizable unit configurations in the Related Products Tab above.

ThinStak® Open Shelf Medical Filing Units

When compared to lateral filing cabinets, this model stores more than 50% additional files while taking up 27% less floor space. It consists of individual stackable shelf tiers with fixed or movable dividers on each tier, creating a complete shelving unit. Its configurable design allows you to add additional tiers and units for more storage space. It is incredibly durable and sturdy, manufactured from rust-free cold rolled steel without any sharp edges. The tiers are welded together using the latest manufacturing technologies for a true state-of-the-art, dependable shelving unit.

ThinStak TriSlider Filing System 16 Units - 6/5/5 - Shelving Options Chart
Item # Media Depth Unit Width Overall Width LFI* Tiers Height Divider
T665LG7 Legal 51-5/8" 36" 224" 3,920" 7 79-1/2" Fixed
T665LG8 4,480" 8 89-1/2" Fixed
TP665LG7 3,920" 7 86-1/2" Movable
TP665LG8 4,480" 8 97-1/2" Movable
T265LG7 42" 260" 4,592" 7 79-1/2" Fixed
T265LG8 5,248" 8 89-1/2" Fixed
TP265LG7 4,592" 7 86-1/2" Movable
TP265LG8 5,248" 8 97-1/2" Movable
T865LG7 48" 296" 5,264" 7 79-1/2" Fixed
T865LG8 6,016" 8 89-1/2" Fixed
TP865LG7 5,376" 7 86-1/2" Movable
TP865LG8 6,144" 8 97-1/2" Movable
T665LT7 Letter 42-5/8" 36" 224" 3,920" 7 79-1/2" Fixed
T665LT8 4,480" 8 89-1/2" Fixed
TP665LT7 3,920" 7 86-1/2" Movable
TP665LT8 4,480" 8 97-1/2" Movable
T265LT7 42" 260" 4,592" 7 79-1/2" Fixed
T265LT8 5,248" 8 89-1/2" Fixed
TP265LT7 4,592" 7 86-1/2" Movable
TP265LT8 5,248" 8 97-1/2" Movable
T865LT7 48" 296" 5,264" 7 79-1/2" Fixed
T865LT8 6,016" 8 89-1/2" Fixed
TP865LT7 5,376" 7 86-1/2" Movable
TP865LT8 6,144" 8 97-1/2" Movable
T665XR5 X-Ray 60-5/8" 36" 224" 2,800" 5 84-1/2" Fixed
T665XR6 3,360" 6 99-1/2" Fixed
T265XR5 42" 260" 3,280" 5 84-1/2" Fixed
T265XR6 3,936" 6 99-1/2" Fixed
T865XR5 48" 296" 3,760" 5 84-1/2" Fixed
T865XR6 4,512" 6 99-1/2" Fixed

*LFI: Linear Filing Inches = The amount of actual filing inches your unit will have.

TrakSlider™ Medical Filing System

The Tri-Slider triple depth file storage system consists of three rows of shelving units in which the front two rows slide from side to side on tracks, providing access to the back row of files. This method of storing your medical files greatly maximizes the use of floor space. The modular design of this system allows for easy expansion as your storage requirements increase. All Datum TrakSlider™ systems can be reconfigured and added onto at any time without the need to disassemble, relocate, or remove existing files.

All Datum TrakSlider™ track units consist of modular, all-welded steel frame and rail assemblies, flush decking, lateral rolling carriages, as well as overhead stabilizer and roller assemblies. The carriages include four wheels that ride on a double rail track for an added measure of stability and safety. The heavy-duty welded steel construction of this system includes an overhead anti-tip mechanism to ensure safe and easy movement of files. A reinforced steel leveling track means you can use the system safely, even on non-level floors!

Customize Your Shelving System

The ThinStak Tri-Slider Filing System comes with several customizable options in order to provide you with the perfect product that fits your specific needs. Select your preferences from the options shown above.

You can also view many other customizable unit configurations in the Related Products Tab above.

Select Media

There are three depth options to fit different types of medical files - Letter, Legal, or X-Ray.

  • Letter - 13-3/16" Depth
  • Legal - 16-3/16" Depth
  • X-Ray - 19-3/16" Depth

Select Unit Width

You can choose from the following overall widths for your shelving units.

  • 36" Wide
  • 42" Wide
  • 48" Wide

Select Shelves

Choose the amount of tiers you would like your unit to have.

  • 5 Tiers
  • 6 Tiers
  • 7 Tiers
  • 8 Tiers

Choose Divider

There are two types of shelf dividers to choose from - Movable Plate and Fixed. The Movable divider can be moved to the right or left as needed while the Fixed divider is a solid piece that stays in place.

  • Fixed Divider
  • Movable Plate Divider

Choose your customizable preferences from the options shown above.

(1) Prepunched Tops
Prepunched tops and bases ensure easy installation to Datum’s TrakSlider mobile system without drilling.

(2) Dividers
Fixed or adjustable dividers provide ultimate customization and organization.

(3) Posting Shelf
Optional posting shelf provides additional workspace and saves space by retracting when not in use.

(4) Compact Profile
Compact shelvingprofile increased storage space and efficiency.

Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Triple row of easily accessible shelving units
Expandable as your filing space requirements increase
Safe rolling filing system with overhead stabilizer and anti-tip mechanism
Sturdy and durable design with no sharp edges
Available Options
Media: Letter, Legal, X-Ray
Unit Width: 36", 42", 48"
Shelves: 5, 6, 7, or 8 Tiers
Dividers: Fixed Dividers or Movable Plate Dividers

What’s in the Box

  • One (1) ThinStak BiSlider Filing System 16 Units - 6/5/5
  • Preconfigured Tri-Slider™ track assembly
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 2 Year Labor Warranty
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 2 Year Labor Warranty

Returns: Tiger Medical offers a 30-day return policy from date of shipment for this product on the following paint finishes Only: T15-Bone White, T47-Light Gray and T86-Gray Mist. Other colors are not returnable. Return is subject to a 20% restocking fee, in addition to the return shipping charges. The product must be in brand new condition and in its original packaging. We take the responsibility to make sure this product arrives in brand new working condition. Should your item arrive damaged, we will replace the product at no cost to you.

For complete details of our return policy and process, please refer to our general return policy page.

Cancellations: Items made to order, cannot be returned or canceled after production.

Construction & Features
Anti-tip Safety Features?
File Type
Letter, Legal, X-Ray
Filing Capacity (LFI)
2,800" - 6,144"
Leveling Track?
Country of Origin
Product made in:
Dimensions & Weight
Individual Shelving Unit Depth
Letter: 13-3/16", Legal: 16-3/16", X-Ray: 19-3/16"
Individual Shelving Unit Height
10", 11", 15"
Individual Shelving Unit Width
36", 42", 48"
Overall Depth
Letter: 42-5/8", Legal: 51-5/8", X-Ray 60-5/8"
Overall Height
79.5", 84.5", 86.5", 89.5"¸97.5", 99.5"
Overall Width
224", 260", 296"
Product Weight
3,081 - 4,913 lbs.
Shelving Unit Finish
Shelving Unit Material
Stop Material
Track Finish
Track Material
Wheel Material
Limited Lifetime, 2 Year Labor
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